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Veebiseminar ja ekskursioon Ökomässul.


Seminar kl 11:00 – 14:00
“Heritage saves the future” / “Pärand kaitseb tulevikku“
Information Center for Sustainable Renovation together with Estonian Academy of Art and Estonian Heritage Society
are organizing a web-seminar “Heritage saves the future” on Thursday, 17 September.

The objective of the seminar is to share ideas and best practices from Estonia and abroad and to support the maintenance of existing traditional and historical buildings by restoring or renovating them in a sustainable way, as opposed to demolishing them as too often seems to be the practice of profit oriented real estate businesses. Reducing CO2 is a new argument from developers in favor of pulling down historic buildings. Our goal is to present counter-arguments and explain why and how historical houses play a key role in green agreement plans for the future.
The civil society across Europe has demonstrated several interesting ways and ideas on how urban development can be ecologically friendly and sustainable. The organisers are interested to hear your opinion and will be grateful if you could share your experiences.

Please join the seminar on 17 September from 11 to 14 via Zoom!

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Graham Bell
“All of the Above”
“Why cultural heritage needs to be in the European Green Deal.”

Ian Davidson
“Community Energy Saves the Future” – “The role of the Heritage Professional in guiding and energising local communities to save the built heritage.”

Sigita Bugenienė
’’Contemporary Kaunas: Cultural Heritage as a Resource for Sustainable Development.’’

Rene Valner
’’Nearly Zero’’

Donata Armakauskaitė
“A breakthrough in preservation of wooden architecture in Vilnius: Museum of Urban Wooden Architecture”   

Irita Antoņeviča
“To tear down, maintain or renovate?”


Ekskursioon algusega kl 16:00
Ekskursioon Arhitektiga Kopli liinidel. Juhatab Ove Oot (Apex AB).
Kogunemine Liinide Sepa tn. otsas, promenaadi algus.

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