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About Us

Information Centre for Sustainable Renovation was opened in the year of 2001 in Kalamaja under umbrella of Estonian Heritage Society.

The purpose of the centre is to contribute to the preservation of buildings valuable for their architecture, history and location atmosphere in a worthy manner. For that purpose the centre is gathering and communicating information and organising training courses.


The purpose of the Information Centre for Sustainable Renovation is to convey knowledge and concepts as to when and why should the preservation and renovation of existing buildings to be preferred to demolition or replacement.

  • Issuing printed materials, videos, speciemen, photos
  • Organising training courses, workshops for house owners and specialists, summer camps and other outdoor activities
  • Consultations, talk panels with specialists, seminars, lectures, information days (quarterly programme)
  • Reception of groups
  • Media events, communication with the press
  • Exchanging information and skills between masters and lecturers in neighbour countries


Target groups

  • Assistance of residents and property owners to get necessary information and practical help for sustainable renovation of their houses. Assist activities that would enable to renovate and keep the houses in the most history and culture-friendly ways possible. Find solutions how to renovate and make effective use of old buildings, preserving at the same time their historical peculiarity.
  • Promotion of awareness and improvement of the skills of renovators, builders, project managers of renovation works, site managers etc. with regard to the renovation and use of buildings with historical and location value.
  • Information of people interested, distribution of informational materials and advising. Increase of overall awareness in the sphere of sustainable construction and repair work.